Help For Night Sweats

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Sleep Anxiety

Sleep anxiety is a possible outcome for anyone who suffers from any type of anxiety disorder or depression. It goes beyond having a night or two of restlessness or lack of sleep. Sleep anxiety means regularly being so restless that you can’t sleep at all or waking up in the middle of the night in a full sweat feeling a sense of panic.

A sleep anxiety disorder is usually brought on by an existing anxiety disorder and because it interferes with normal sleep patterns it can cause a host of other problems. Without a normal sleep pattern, mental, physical, and emotional health can be affected.

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Low Estrogen Symptoms

More times than not low estrogen symptoms are associated with menopause, but there are other reasons for these symptoms. Women under 40 who aren’t yet going through menopause can also experience symptoms of low estrogen.

Lower levels of estrogen are a usually sign of changes in the body or of a possible health condition. It is important to understand the side-effects or consequences of a decreased estrogen levels so you can take actions to counteract this trigger of night sweats in women. Estrogen is responsible for more than female characteristics and fertility; it also plays in important role in bone health.

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Night Sweats Stress

There are many possible causes of night sweats and stress is one of them. The type of sweating that result from stress is generally the result of hot flashes brought on by anxiety or possibly a psychological disorder. Night sweats caused by medical disorders are often brought on because of the high level of anxiety associated with the disorder.

Stress is present in many facets of our lives, and it can affect how well we sleep during the night. When your mind is burdened with worry, your adrenal glands produce increased amounts of specific hormones like glucocorticoids to prepare for the anticipated stressful event, which may lead to hot flashes.

The kind of night sweats stress induces should be addressed psychologically as well as medically. To find effective help it is vital to address the stress and find a way to reduce it or better manage it. If you don’t find a way to handle the stress it can create an unhealthy cycle of poor sleep and increased stress.

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