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Night Sweats After Surgery

There are a number of things that can cause night sweats, including surgery. Experiencing night sweats after surgery isn’t that uncommon as there are a number of variables associated with surgery and any number of these variables, or a combination of them, can cause this uncomfortable condition. Sweating is most common in the first few days after surgery, but some people may experience this for a longer period.

The most common causes of sweating after surgery include medications, inflammation, pain and even healing. Certain surgeries are more apt to cause night sweats, for example a hysterectomy can cause night sweats in women because it sends signals to the body to start menopause. Night sweats in men can be caused by surgery or treatment of the prostate. Surgery to treat hyperhidrosis can actually trigger compensatory sweating.

Because there can be complications and there is a risk of infection after surgery it is important to monitor all of your symptoms and consult your physician if you have any concerns about your condition.

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Sleep Hyperhidrosis

With some research you will discover two types of hyperhidrosis, primary hyperhidrosis and secondary hyperhidrosis. Medical science has not discovered the cause of primary night sweats. It is so severe it impairs a person’s ability to engage in daily activities such as work, school, family and social affairs.

The degree of severity for secondary sleep hyperhidrosis varies from person to person. In mild cases, the patient just needs to change the pillow case and keep a glass of cool water on the nightstand.

Some patients need to get up and wash themselves, then change their sleepwear as well as their bedsheets. Discovery and treatment of the underlying disease or injury is the only way to cure secondary night sweats. If the night sweats get to the point where the sleep loss interferes with daily functions, a visit to the doctor’s office is required.

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Surgery for Sweating Video

Here’s a video on surgery for sweating by the Mayo Clinic. Digging through Youtube for legitimate content can be a real pain these days. I saw this video on excessive sweating by the Mayo Clinic (so you know it’s legitimate) a few months ago and meant to post it here but forgot.

So today I searched Youtube for this video and wow… there is a lot of junk from people trying to sell you stuff there. Which brings me to an important point.

If you’re out there putting terms related to health conditions like hyperhidrosis into various search forms, be careful with what you find. You’ll find an incredible number of people trying to sell you stuff where their motivation is to make money and not help you. I strongly suggest you always consult a professional personally before making any decisions.

I hope this simple, short video gives you a better sense of hyperhidrosis and the possible surgical procedures which might address specific cases. I always suggest less invasive methods first, but this is still an informative video as it provides some nice, direct explanations for how your central nervous system and sweat glands can get out of hand.

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