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Sweating While Sleeping

The sensation of sweating while sleeping can seem pretty similar to experiencing night sweats, but the term night sweats usually comes with the thought of menopause or sweating caused by a health condition. In most cases people who experience sweating while sleeping don’t have a health condition, but this isn’t always the case.

If a condition like this is keeping you awake night after night it is good to check with your doctor to see what may be causing it. This can help give you peace of mind and you may get some helpful suggestions from your doctor. Whether your sweating at night is genetic or caused by a trigger there are a few different things you can do to get some relief from these uncomfortable and disruptive sweats.

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Surgery for Sweating Video

Here’s a video on surgery for sweating by the Mayo Clinic. Digging through Youtube for legitimate content can be a real pain these days. I saw this video on excessive sweating by the Mayo Clinic (so you know it’s legitimate) a few months ago and meant to post it here but forgot.

So today I searched Youtube for this video and wow… there is a lot of junk from people trying to sell you stuff there. Which brings me to an important point.

If you’re out there putting terms related to health conditions like hyperhidrosis into various search forms, be careful with what you find. You’ll find an incredible number of people trying to sell you stuff where their motivation is to make money and not help you. I strongly suggest you always consult a professional personally before making any decisions.

I hope this simple, short video gives you a better sense of hyperhidrosis and the possible surgical procedures which might address specific cases. I always suggest less invasive methods first, but this is still an informative video as it provides some nice, direct explanations for how your central nervous system and sweat glands can get out of hand.

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Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

If you suffer from night sweats and hot flashes you’re definitely not alone. These types of flushes and sweats are caused by the natural fluctuation of hormones during this period of transition out of child bearing years and into a new phase of life, but this can also occur when a woman weans off of HRT (hormone replacement therapy). In both instances the symptoms are caused by a change in hormone levels.

While it may be difficult to completely avoid these hot flushes and sweating at night, you may be able to reduce the number and severity of them if you can identify certain triggers and reduce these triggers. Besides reducing triggers there are a few things you can do to reduce this uncomfortable sweating. Before you try hormone replacement therapy you may want to try some of these simple treatments that don’t have side effects.

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