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Help For Menopause Night Sweats

Welcome back to Help For Night Sweats. While I’ve had a busy summer, I haven’t been idle with this site. I really hope my additions help you combat these frustrating night sweats.

I just rolled out my first article to address menopause night sweats:

menopause night sweats

I have several more articles aimed in that general direction, but I don’t want to ignore night sweats in men, either.

I’m working with a close friend at the local natural pharmacy on a guide to herbal and homeopathic remedies for night sweats. I appreciate how some people might be skeptical about these solutions, but please recognize how I’m only providing as many opportunities to address your discomfort as possible. I certainly don’t expect every method or every remedy to work for every individual out there.

I’ll probably put an emphasis on things that have worked for me, but I’ll write with an understanding that each individual is different and could be suffering from night sweats for very different reasons.

One last note: I recently discovered a very cool (pun intended) device to help literally cool you while you sleep. I hope to write more about this device in the very near future. It’s a fun discovery and I hope it provides some much-needed relief to some of my visitors. In fact, I’ve mentioned it on my sweating while sleeping page. I hope it helps. Combine the bed fan with the chillow or possible a cooling mattress pad and you’ll have an excellent and natural set of tools to combat your night sweats.

Thanks again for visiting Help For Night Sweats and I hope you return soon!