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Welcome to my new website, Help For Night Sweats! With this site and blog I will discuss a condition I fought for years before I could obtain a good night’s rest: sleep hyperhidrosis. But we’ll keep it casual and refer to it by its more common name, night sweats.

I will begin by identifying the most common causes of night sweats, including causes of menopause night sweats and specific triggers for night sweats in men. I currently have those pages and an overview completed on the front page.

I will then discuss more serious night sweats causes which might afflict anyone. This includes some conditions which might scare people, so I will be cautious in describing their association with night sweats. Remember that night sweats are fairly common, so don’t always assume the worst as I describe these conditions.

And finally, of course, I will discuss both common remedies and the night sweats treatments I’ve personally used to take back the night. I will cover both traditional treatments as well as some herbal remedies some individuals might find useful. In some cases I may provide reviews of common products used to combat night sweats.

So please stick with me over the coming months as I research and write the content to roll out for your benefit. I really do hope I can help others conquer the night as I have and regain peaceful, restful sleep. I will provide you the tools and knowledge you need to combat your night sweats both inside and out. I really hope to help people out from all that I’ve learned.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you’ll return to Help For Night Sweats soon.