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New Device to Help With Night Sweats?

Okay, so I’m sifting through the Internet trying to find some new, genuinely effective ways to provide help for night sweats.

It can be a little intimidating as I feel there are a gobs and gobs of nonsense miracle cures out there.

Then I came across something that makes a lot of sense. The Chillow. I have no idea how legitimate it is just yet, but I’m really curious and I was wondering if anyone out there had tried this thing yet.

How Does The Chillow Work?

The Chillow is designed to be placed on a conventional pillow, or slip inside the pillowcase. It works by conducting heat away from your body, keeping you at the right temperature to sleep.

Inside the Chillow is a patented foam core which is fully activated using ordinary tap water. Once the water is fully absorbed and all the air expelled to create a vacuum, The Chillow cools down naturally to provide a comfortable, dry, cool surface which dissipates body heat and gently soothes.

The Chillow works without power, chemicals or refrigeration and is always ready to use – unlike gel-pads which have to be pre-cooled.

You can read more here chillow can help you get a better night’s sleep.

I can remember even in my best health wishing the pillow remained cool. This is an incredibly cool idea. (Pun sloppily intended — hey, we’re talking about a “chillow” so don’t laugh at me.) This inventive little idea could be just the device to help you conquer your insomnia and find some effective help for your night sweats.

Not only could this help with menopause night sweats, but it could help provide a more comfortable, peaceful night’s rest for everyone.

I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve experimented with one. If anyone out there has tried it or something similar let me know.