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Night Sweats: News About Help For Night Sweats

My Night Sweats guide will soon be expanding and growing. I’ve received lots of great feedback from readers and fellow bloggers on what they would love to see on my site. Specifically, I’ve heard appeals for more solutions and fewer descriptions. In that regard, I plan to describe exactly how I personally combat night sweats, then I will describe methods close friends have used.

I’ve also received some great ideas from people writing me on this site. I will present some of those techniques and ideas once I have the approval of those who submitted the ideas to me. I can’t wait to share some of these because I would never have considered some of these techniques on my own.

You’ll notice some of my more comprehensive guides to relieving your symptoms are temporarily unavailable. I am revising those posts to include both the new methods I described above and to feature more compelling layouts with some images and videos illustrating various aspects of identifying and treating sleep hyperhidrosis (for those of you new to the site that’s fancy-talk for night sweats).

I will also divide the site a little more distinctly between treating menopause nights sweats and night sweats in men. I never necessarily intended it to work out this way, but I have found myself catering to two very different demographics simultaneously. I hope to provide two distinct sets of tutorials and lessons on these two separate conditions for sweating while sleeping.

So please return soon as I work my Night Sweats guide into something more thoroughly and genuinely useful for a broader spectrum of people.