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Night Sweats And Alcohol

While the night sweats alcohol causes are very distinct, night sweats in general are defined as an episode of extreme sweating while sleeping that is not due to a high temperature in the room. The sweating can be so severe that it completely drenches nightwear and bedding. It is a distressing and unfortunately quite common problem. In fact alcohol is not an uncommon cause of night sweats in men.

The good news is the night seats alcohol causes are very treatable; the more difficult news for some is that decreasing alcohol consumption or overcoming alcoholism is the best way to treat these episodes.

What Causes Alcohol Night Sweats

One of the more common night sweats causes is due to alcohol dependence, abuse or withdrawal. While some people are more sensitive than others there is definitely a link between night sweats, or sleep hyperhidrosis, and alcohol consumption.

Some suggest it is simply your body attempting to eliminate the toxins through your pores while others belief the alcohol may be causing your hypothalamus — your brain’s thermostat for your body — to feel a little drunk in its own right.

A chain reaction of events is triggered within the body after alcohol consumption. Initially the alcohol decreases the response of the central nervous system and scrambles information from sensory organs causing slurred speech, blurred vision, stumbling and sometimes an increase in body temperature.

It then causes the kidneys to send water to the bladder instead of into the bloodstream causing dehydration and an increase in blood pressure. The liver metabolizes about 90% of the alcohol while the rest is eliminated by breath and sweat. Drinking faster than the liver can process it can cause a toxic overload and increased sweating.

To process the alcohol the liver releases glucose, which temporarily raises blood sugar. The pancreas responds to this by secreting insulin to remove sugar from the blood. This can cause a blood sugar drop, which can result in dizziness, drowsiness and sweating.

Even though drinking alcohol may make you tired the sleep you get after drinking is often poor because of the dehydration and sweating it can cause.

Treating the Night Sweats Alcohol Causes

In some cases the night sweats alcohol causes may be a minor occurrence. You have a couple glasses of beer or wine and go to sleep before you can work it out of your system. But in other cases where this occurs there is more to the story. Alcoholism is serious and often underestimated.

If you suspect that your regular night sweats are related to your alcohol intake, the first step is acknowledging this to yourself — and this is a big step. It is likely that your intake or dependence on this substance has reached a dangerous stage if you are suffering this type of symptom. Make an appointment to see your physician and be honest about how much you are drinking and how often. He will be able to help you rule out any other contributing factors to establish if you are experiencing the kind of night sweats alcohol causes. If it does seem that this is the case, he can advise you on how to get the right kind of help for your problem.

You might also address anxiety in your life. Sometimes the night sweats stress causes can eventually lead to this condition.

It is important to know that even if you get help to overcome your alcohol problems, your night sweats may well continue for a little while. This is because alcohol withdrawal can also cause this type of sweating, if you were highly dependent. Your body needs to let itself adjust to the absence of the substance in its system.

If you have got to this stage in your recovery, good for you! Reassure yourself that you have come a long way towards a healthier lifestyle and that you are making positive changes for the long term. Bear with the alcohol related night sweats, secure in the knowledge that you are doing something about them, and that in time they will cease.