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Night Sweats in Women Under 30

While most people associate night sweats in women with menopause, night sweats in young women is not uncommon. There are a number of things that can cause night sweats in women under 30. Some of these things are simple and easy to treat while others may require more in depth diagnosis and treatment. In most cases, however, relatively simple treatments can be helpful in relieving the symptoms; or at least they can be helpful enough to sleep better at night.

Finding the cause will help you find an effective treatment so you can start sleeping better at night. Plus if the night sweats are a symptom of another health issue it is good to discover that sooner rather than later so you can start treating that issue. Here are some of the more common causes to consider as well as some possible treatment options.

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Night Sweats Relief

Do you just need a little night sweats relief? If you’re confident they don’t have a dire underlying cause but you still want help getting through the night, try these inexpensive and safe ways to get relief. Keep in mind you should always consult a physician about your night sweats causes before trying to treat them with simple herbal remedies. To stop night sweats, you first need to understand their origin.

There are three components to an effective tea for helping sleep and minimizing your night sweating. First, you want to integrate chamomile. Chamomile relaxes and calms your nerves. Second, you want your tea to feature a a robust helping of sage. Sage can help reduce your body temperature and it calms the nerve endings that my trigger night sweats. And third, you want to prepare your tea fresh the day you decide to drink it, but brew it

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