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Night Sweats Relief

Do you just need some night sweats relief? If you’re confident your night sweats don’t have a serious underlying cause but you still want help getting through the night, try these inexpensive and safe ways to get night sweats relief. Keep in mind you should always consult a physician about the causes of your night sweats before trying to treat them with simple herbal remedies. To stop night sweats, you first need to understand their origin.

In this article I am aiming for simple herbal remedies for sleep hyperhidrosis; if you are looking for more hands-on solutions, please my article on night sweats treatment or my article on sweating while sleeping. This is also not about more comprehensive treatments such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Relief From Night Sweats With A Soothing Tea

There are three components to an effective tea for helping sleep and minimizing your night sweating. First, you want to integrate chamomile. Chamomile relaxes and calms your nerves. Second, you want your tea to feature a a robust helping of sage. Sage can help reduce your body temperature and it calms the nerve endings that my trigger night sweats. And third, you want to prepare your tea fresh the day you decide to drink it, but brew it well before bed so you can refrigerate it. No matter how soothing and relaxing the tea, a hot liquid right before bed when you’re concerned with perspiring just isn’t a good idea.

Make sure you brew your tea strong; sage and chamomile are mild herbs and to really experience a tangible result, you need your soothing tea for night sweats to feature strong doses of each of these herbs.

If you can drink it straight, I encourage you to do so. However, I understand if you want to sweeten it a little. I encourage you try stevia. This natural plant-based sweetener won’t spike your blood sugar the way sugar, agave or honey will and it tastes great.

A chamomile and sage tea is a common and well-received relief for hot flashes and menopause night sweats.

Osha for Night Sweats Relief

Osha is a perennial plant that grows in rugged alpine environments, like in the Rocky Mountains. Osha doesn’t directly inhibit night sweating, but rather supports the mechanisms your body uses to prevent sweating at night in the first place.

Osha can induce sweating when you first take it, so it is best to take this herbal remedy for night sweats at least a few hours before you go to bed. The reason it may initially and temporarily cause you to perspire a little is that it helps your body eliminate toxins through your pores and sweat glands. In the long run, because it makes these functions more efficient and productive, you require less perspiration to achieve the same result. Osha is a good remedy if you are suffering from a cold or fever and sweating while sleeping because it is thought to help relieve bronchial passages and reduce fever.

Additionally, osha appears to curb some of the symptoms of a virus, inflammation or bacteria. Please note that this doesn’t indicate that it treats these conditions, just that it helps your body minimize some of the inevitable symptoms. Osha is often referenced when discussing relief for male night sweats.

Because osha may help your body excrete toxins through your pores, some people believe it may specifically assist you with the sort of night sweats alcohol causes.

Night Sweats Relief With Astragalus


Astragalus allegedly improves blood flow to the surface of your skin. By increasing circulation to the capillaries near the surface of your skin, astragalus improve your body’s ability to dissipate your body heat, thus providing relief for night sweats by preventing them from happening in the first place.

The specific kind of astralagus you should look for is called Astragalus propinquus. There are many types of astragalus and it goes by many names, including milk vetch, goat’s horn and locoweed. The genus is made up of small herbs and shrubs.

Many believe astragalus is especially effective of minimizing panic sweats or sudden sweats, or the dramatic severe night sweats that can occur with hot flashes and night sweats. Some of this is not verified with clinical evidence, so do your own research before trying this method for obtaining night sweats relief.

Calcium and Magnesium To Relieve Night Sweats

When you perspire, you not only excrete toxins but you may also eliminate some necessary minerals. Excessive sweating may lead to mineral deficiency. Thus supplementing yourself with calcium and magnesium my be a good idea. Since these mineral tend to sooth and calm your nerves soon after consumption, they also make a great supplement to help you get relief from night sweats and achieve a better night’s sleep.

You can mix and match these different therapies. I personally really like to take powdered magnesium and calcium supplement poured and mixed into a cool chamomile and sage tea, but a different combination may work better for different people. However, I think it is important that you take a proactive approach when you are looking for relief from night sweats because poor sleep will reduce your overall quality of life.